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Relaxing Ambience

Calms the Mind

Mesmerising Jellyfish

Vibrant LED's

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Proven to Relax the Mind

Mimicking the graceful movements of its aquatic namesake, casting a soft, ethereal glow that soothes the mind and senses to create a tranquil ambiance

16 Unique Colours

With 16 vibrant colours to illuminate your space with fading modes or static colours, the RGB lighting provides a sensational display when paired with the jellyfish

Lifelike Jellyfish

Withe the help of the water ripples, the specially designed jellyfish glide through the water reflecting a beautiful mirage of light

BioLumi LED Jellyfish Aquariam Lava Night Lamp - My Store

Soothing Serenity

The serene aquarium movements captivate and soothe the mind. Ambient LED lighting further enhanced by its dynamic Colours promotes deep relaxation and stress relief.

BioLumi LED Jellyfish Aquariam Lava Night Lamp - My Store

Mesmerising Movements

Drawing you in with its graceful movements and ethereal beauty. As the lifelike jellyfish glide effortlessly within their softly lit chamber, each delicate movement holds an enchanting allure.

BioLumi LED Jellyfish Aquariam Lava Night Lamp - My Store

Enchanting Elegance

Gentle, undulating movements and soft, ambient light create a relaxing atmosphere, inducing a sense of calm and tranquility that is sure to bring peace to the mind

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